New Erie Cafe Model

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New Erie Cafe Model

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  1. I am sorry to hear you are calling it quits, I have two of your kits and was hoping for more
    I am assembling now your New Erie Cafe which my daughter ordered from you a few years back at the Westchester train show in Poughkeepsie NY and have some questions. A) I cannot find the sidewalk in your description or on the parts sheet and second I cannot identify some parts on the sheet that came with the seats and bar parts. Little round things, and many small pointy things Bottles? I’m at a loss, sorry.
    Can you help me? Thanks

  2. Hi Gene;

    Thanks for your question. No, I ceased kit production as of 12/31/2013, and no longer have any stock left. Out of about 150 produced I have seen 6 built up. So chances are there are many of these collecting dust in someone’s stash.

    James Harr

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