My Background

 James Harr has been a professional model maker since he graduated from Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, NY, in 1986 with a Bachelors degree in Industrial Design. After graduation he moved to San Francisco, where he worked with most of the architectural model making firms in the city. In 1990 he moved back to New Jersey where he became staff model maker and shop manager for Henry Dreyfuss Associates in New York, building a diverse range of product design models for many clients. Since 1995 James has run his own company, Benchmark Productions, continuing to broaden and build his career in both the architectural and product design fields, working with a wide array of clientele.   Along with his wife Lorine, James is a longtime architectural enthusiast, enjoying in particular the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, and they enjoy traveling the US and the rest of the world in search of new structures and places to visit and photograph.